Gages are special measuring devices that display various parameters. The common understanding of this term is a scale with a pointer needle, however, gauges are more than mere indicators. Gages measure secondary parameters, which are harder to measure or calculate using simple meters, or they show compared values of measured parameters and zeroed data. We provide a rich selection of gages to suit your needs. Just find the right product for you!


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Mega Depot offers a variety of gage types. We provide a selection of bore gauges, specialized devices utilized for determining the diameter of holes or openings. You can also buy go/no-go gages, a selection of specialized testing devices. The peculiarity of such appliances is that they can determine if an object is fit for the requirement, by providing a set of “tests”. If an object fits specified parameters - it passes, if the object passes more than one “test” or none - it fails. Height gages establish the height of a workpiece or set it as functional. Thickness gages measure the physical thickness of objects, which is incredibly useful when measuring the thickness of paper or metal sheets. These and many more types of gages are presented on our website at the best prices.