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Material handling equipment (or MHE) covers a variety of tools and gadgets that are utilized in numerous spheres. One of such devices is a conveyor. Conveyors are used for moving objects/materials from one location to another. These locations, as well as conveyor types, vary based on their application field and purpose. Mega Depot offers a wide array of conveyors and supplementary support elements, all at the lowest prices.

Conveyors & Supports

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Conveyors are most regularly associated with large-scale production lines, where parts, devices, or vehicles are assembled. They are also regularly used in commercial applications, especially retail. These mechanisms have earned their popularity due to their usefulness in production and transportation processes. Conveyors can transport objects that would be impossible or expensive to transport using manual power. They are considerably safer compared to any other means of transportation. In addition, conveyors can adapt to different shapes and weights of objects, and they can be actuated by a variety of mechanisms, from manual power to electricity.