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Allegro blowers are characterized by excellent performance and reliability.

It is possible to choose from such blowers as:

  • axial
  • carpet
  • centrifugal
  • pneumatic
  • venturi

Allegro Industries’ axial blowers are available in plastic or metal. There are AC & DC, AC or DC blowers. Choose from blower systems with MVP, industrial blowers, explosion-proof blowers, high output blowers and more. There are items that come with a canister and ducting.

Axial blower systems with MVP comprise a blower, ducting with a storage bag and a Manhole Ventilation Passthru. The MVP is used to maintain and change the direction of the airflow into manholes, sewers, etc.

Axial industrial blowers are intended for industrial confined space applications. The items are made of plastic. They are lightweight and portable. Axial explosion-proof blowers feature a single-phase motor and reliable construction. Axial high output blowers are perfect for applications that require a big amount of air output. The items are made of high-quality durable metal.

The company’s 3-speed carpet blowers can be used to dry wet carpets, walls, floor, etc. fast and effortlessly. The devices have a flat outlet so you can direct the device under carpets.

It is possible to choose from centrifugal air-driven blowers, two-speed blowers, heavy-duty blowers, high output blowers, standard blowers, standard blower systems with MVP and more. Centrifugal air-driven blowers are perfect for areas where a compressor is available. Centrifugal 2-speed blowers provide more flexibility in work, as you can choose the speed for your application. Centrifugal heavy duty blowers are powerful and extra-durable. They feature a large motor and rough construction. Centrifugal standard blowers are compact but ensure excellent performance. Standard blower systems with MVP provide you with everything you need for work. The system includes a centrifugal blower, ducting with a bag for storage and an MVP.

Pneumatic jet fans can work as blowers or exhausters. The fan is propelled at high speeds making the item an effective tool to achieve your goals.

Venturi blowers by Allegro Industries are available in metal or plastic housing. The items utilize compressed air or saturated steam. The blowers are designed to remove hazardous gases, fumes, smoke and more.

All blowers by Allegro Industries are user-friendly and easy to maintain. In addition, they have handles for easy transportation.

High quality is a top priority for Allegro Industries. Therefore, every item is tested and checked before selling. In addition, the company incorporates state-of-the-art technologies in the process of product manufacturing. The blowers meet demanding present-day standards.

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