We provide a great selection of various tubes. A tube is a special cylindrical utility that is used to transport fluids or cover fragile elements (wires etc.). Rigid tubes are (sometimes called pipes, even though some differences exist) made of the material that is not bendable and does not change its shape easily. Rigid tubes (especially for lab-use) can sustain a certain amount of pressure and are used in respective application fields (but they are not reinforced, unlike pipes, therefore the pressure should me regulated and not exceed the limits). Flexible tubes (similar to hoses, but have minor differences in reinforcements and connector construction) are made of flexible materials, their position and bend angles can be adjusted appropriately to their application. MegaDepot provides a great selection of tubes and all the necessary equipment for them. You can buy manifolds that are suited for creating multi-branched tubing grid. We also supply various fittings and connectors, as well as stopcock valves to ensure full control over your tubing system.