A laboratory reactor is a complicated and intricate system. The base for it is usually a glass flask with an additional cover. This cover serves as a protection, plus a special substance that regulates the temperature level inside the vessel may be supplied through it. The reactor is connected to other test devices and gadgets via a set of tubes, or it may be hermetically sealed. Additional devices like motors, UV or high-intensity lamps, cooling or heating equipment, etc. may be connected to it according to the design and purpose of this device. Reactors are often used to observe natural processes in certain environmental conditions, therefore isolation is required. Isolated reactors may have sensors transmitting the information to a PC via a wireless connection, and such systems may be manipulated without any physical interaction. We offer a great selection of reactors suited for different situations, as well as thermostats, connectors, and various supplementary parts required for their functioning. Find reliable products on Mega Depot! Choose the right device for your specific application!