Chemical waste may be separated into hazardous and non-hazardous. It depends on the components of the material and its interaction with the human body and surrounding environment. Non-hazardous are usually disposed of via regular waste bin or sewage system, while hazardous elements should be treated properly. Specialized waste bags should be used in such situations. It is essential to use disposal tanks made of an appropriate material because some chemicals may react with metal or plastic.

Biological waste may also be dangerous and infectious, therefore special isolating containers are required to hold such components until they are neutralized or destroyed. Storing chemical substances in adequate conditions is very important for both solids and liquids. Improper storage container or material may cause the reagent to become active, and thus damage containers or surrounding environment. We offer a great selection of container units as well as supplementary equipment and various dispensers required to distribute various cleaning or disinfecting materials. Stay safe with MegaDepot.