Plastic bags are made of thin plastic membrane. They are used in many applications in medicine and chemistry. Due to the fact that plastic material is not porous (not penetrable by the smallest particles of substances contained within or outside the bag) it guarantees that all material contained in the bag will be separated from the rest of the environment. Biomedical waste is usually infectious and can pose a threat to other people. Chemicals may have toxic and poisonous vapors, or be harmful if applied to human skin. Plastic bags seal off any unwanted evaporations and infections, thus protecting surrounding personnel and other people that may accidentally come in contact with the substances mentioned above. Some plastic bags require special covers that will seal off the content inside.

There are are also special covers that are used to protect easily-damaged objects (e.g. X-ray film, biological samples) and expensive equipment. They may be manufactured from various material, including plastic and synthetic fabric. MegaDepot provides a great variety of bags and covers suited for multiple purposes. Shop for the best with MegaDepot.