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Safety measures are of paramount importance in mining, construction, medicine, chemistry, and connected fields. Wearing safety gear is necessary in almost all industrial spheres that can pose danger to your physical wellness. Personal protective equipment includes helmets, suits, protective plates, shields, the list goes on. Laboratory work usually includes dealing with hazardous biological and chemical materials, therefore special clothing is a must. Mega Depot offers a great range of lab clothing and safety measures. Stay safe with Mega Depot.

Clothing & Safety

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An array of protective measures and equipment includes a vast variety of solutions. Protective attire can be partial or cover the whole body. Partial clothing usually means gloves. They are made from latex or other resin-based substances and can be covered with supplementary layers of material or chemicals for increased protection, which are determined by the field of usage. Other pieces of partial body protection are feet and head covers. Light polypropylene may serve to prevent contamination, while some gear is made of thicker material that protects people from toxic substances and heat. Full body cover can range from a lab coat to a hazmat suit.

Safety equipment is also presented in a variety of forms. There are many products available and it is crucial to use the right product for your specific application. Splash shields are special plastic (sometimes additionally reinforced) plates that are needed when manipulating dangerous biological and chemical liquids. These utilities protect scientists from accidental splashes of dangerous substances that may get on their skin or eyes. A clear view hood is another type of protective equipment, it is needed to operate chemicals and biological materials that emit poisonous fumes. Special barriers protect the surrounding environment from unnecessary contact while the exhaust hood takes out toxic gases. We offer a wide range of protective equipment, all at the lowest prices. Find the best products on Mega Depot!