Hoses are elastic tubes made of various materials that are designed to transport liquids or gases from one place to another. They are most commonly cylindrical in shape. They may vary based on their purpose, and it determines their size and material. MegaDepot offers rubber and metal hoses that may be used in a number of situations. Rubber hoses are the most common one, they are used for almost any purposes in a majority of systems. Rubber hoses are strongly affected by internal pressure. To prevent stretching and ripping reinforced hoses were introduced. Steel or special fiber is added to rubber, thus creating an internal structure that increases pressure resistance and makes them less flexible. There are also metal hoses, that have high tear protection and are less susceptible to leaks. Additionally such hoses are more resistant to pressure and temperatures. We offer a selection of hoses with built-in couplings, fitting and valves that will prove themselves useful in any HVAC/R system. The best prices for the best products on MegaDepot.