The process of material preparation and refinement may sometimes pose a serious challenge. This basic step is a primary requirement for any type of crafts, decorative, and construction work. A vast selection of hand tools is introduced to the market and you can find an instrument for any imaginable task. A file is used to remove thin layers or small amounts of substance from the surface of an object. We offer a wide array of filing tools suitable for multiple applications.


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Files are made of steel sections, cut and shaped precisely to meet the requirements for the working material. After preheating and softening the steel, teeth are struck out by a chisel. Files differ by the type of steel, the form of the grinding part, the depth and smoothness/roughness of the cuts (teeth). A file is a valuable addition to any tool set, and though it's not used as often as it was before industrialization, this instrument is still employed in metalworking, woodworking, and similar industries. Shop with Mega Depot and find high-quality yet affordable products!