A chisel is an instrument that was created at the beginning of the Stone Age along with a hammer & a blade, and its improved version is still utilized up to this day. A chisel has a flat edge that somewhat resembles a blade, but is much wider and thicker. This device is applied in multiple fields connected to crafts and material working. We offer a great variety of chisels of different designs.


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A chisel is needed to cut through/carve dense and sturdy materials like metal, stone, and wood. This tool is not effective when used alone, and it's used together with a hammer/mallet. Strike the chisel to apply sufficient pressure to cut or break materials like stone and metal. Chisels may be also integrated into production lines, where they are actuated by mechanical, pneumatic, or hydraulic contrivances. Chisels vary in their design based on the material you work with and the types/shapes of the cuts they leave on the surface. These instruments are commonly applied in decorative woodworking, furniture building, metal & stone carving.