The variety of hand tools that are available nowadays is truly impressive. You can choose from sophisticated, intricate, and very expensive instruments to small, simple, easy-to-use, and cheap devices. The smallest connecting parts, like screws, studs, nuts, and bolts are very useful and are applied in multiple situations. In case when any of these fittings get damaged or broken, special extractor tools are required to pull them out of a socket and replace them. We offer a wide range of extractor tools manufactured by the best brands in the industry.


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Extractors are utilized in various applications. They are typically made to fit a certain size or type of fittings, so when choosing an extractor, always pay attention to these parameters. Extractor tools have special connections suitable for a specific size of the fitting. Some studs and screws need to be drilled before applying the device. Extractors are commonly utilized in combination with tap wrenches to increase the applied pressure. Buy reliable instruments at the best prices at Mega Depot!