Since the establishment, Tempil®, a brand of LA-CO Industries, has been leading the development and introduction of innovative and precise temperature indication technologies for a wide variety of markets, uses, and applications. The company’s cost-effective “visual” solutions check critical temperatures in welding and manufacturing processes, monitor the environment in the supply chains, and ensure the performance of products and services in the field.

The temperature measurement product line includes temperature indicating sticks, electronic surface thermometers, infrared thermometers, medical sterilization inks, weldable primers, heat-absorbing coatings and compounds, and temperature indicating labels, strips, inks, and liquids. Tempil delivers the surface measurement solutions you can count on, when and where you need them the most.

Through research & development, Tempil® provides best-in-class products to meet demanding requirements in surface temperature measurement, supply chain & process integrity, and healthcare sterilization. Today, Tempil supplies top-notch products to thousands of satisfied clients the world over through a reliable distribution network.


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