LA-CO Industries is a family-owned global company that specializes in the manufacturing of industrial hand-held markers, plumbing chemicals, and livestock identification products. Since 1934, it has taken pride in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, performance-based products for its customers’ unique applications.

LA-CO Industries supplies high-quality products the world over to a variety of spheres, including industrial, plumbing, temperature indication, and farm industries.

LA-CO® brand of high-quality, high-performance plumbing and HVAC chemicals is a trusted partner for professional contractors around the world. From small houses to skyscrapers to the United States’ National Archives Building in Washington D.C., LA-CO-branded high-performance thread sealants, fluxes, heat protection products, and repair sealants protect important historical documents and maintain the world’s precious natural resources.

Company’s Mission:

  • To actively listen to the customers and meet or exceed their expectations by providing the high-performance products for marking, sealing, joining, and other specialty chemical applications;
  • To be environmentally responsible in designing and manufacturing products.


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