Microflex, LLC is a manufacturer of MicroLink HART protocol modems, which provide a simple link between a PC and HART® (Highway Addressable Remote Transmitter) devices. They are HART compliant and maintain compatibility with HART software originally developed for RS-232 modems. Included USB software drivers make the USB modem appear to your HART software as though it were connected to an RS-232 port. MicroLink modems include the PACTware FDT frame, and the fully licensed Generic HART DTM-6 software, a simple solution that works with any HART protocol field device by supporting the common practice and universal HART commands.

Natural Gas Spot Sampling Equipment - Maximize the accuracy of natural gas samples using a gas sample cylinder heating system. Gas sampling regulations require that the cylinder be preheated when taking spot samples. To meet these requirements, the GCH heater preheats cylinders to 140°F, cold to hot in about 10 minutes. Heaters are available for 300cc and 500cc cylinders. Power and control can be from a portable 12 volt GCH-140 controller or the GCH-LP 120 volt AC controller with an adjustable temperature setting for lab use.

Microflex, LLC Field Tools - a collection of service tools designed to make the field technician and engineers job a little easier.



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