In 1979, the Cableware Division of Loos & Co., Inc. was started in Naples, Florida. With only 10 employees at the inception, the company has now grown into a very busy company with diversified products and over 64 employees.

The founder, Gus Loos, and the President, Tony Naines planned for the inevitable growth of the company. With the addition of new products and the need for increased manufacturing capacity, Locoloc moved into its new 80,000 square foot facility in 1996.

The major portion of the company’s manufacturing is devoted to the production of Military Specification wire rope fittings, connectors, and terminations. These products are on the QPD (Qualified Producers Database) for the US Government. Several hundred product numbers are manufactured and warehoused in Locoloc’s Naples facility. Additionally, the company manufactures the swaging machines and tools needed to connect the company’s manufactured hardware to the various types of wire rope. The company is proud to be able to offer fast turnaround and complete delivery from its large supply of finished inventory.

For many years, the Cableware Division has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with FELCO S.A. of Switzerland, the manufacturer of the finest cable cutting tools in the industry. The company is the sole importer of these tools for the USA.

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