Felco, an industry-leading manufacturer of professional pruning shears and cable cutters, was found by Felix Flish in 1945. A trained fitter and turner set himself a very ambitious goal: to create pruning shears unlike any others and to sell them beyond Swiss borders.

In pursuit of his goal, Felix Flisch bought an old watch-making factory. Setting a new benchmark in producing pruning shears, he turned a common agricultural tool into one of the utmost quality and precision. Constantly improving the comfort and efficiency of his products, Felix Flisch wanted them to be noticed and adopted by the most discerning professionals.

Little by little, export markets began to open up. The constant challenge was to find a balance between opening new markets and developing the means of production. But above all, products had to remain at the forefront of innovation and technological progress.

Today, FELCO supplies products to more than 120 countries and has millions of satisfied clients the globe over. It is acknowledged as a brand of excellence for its pruning and cutting products.

FELCO - Swiss Precision. Made to Last.



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