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In 1979 the company started selling moisture meters and kiln control equipment in the US. At first, all equipment was manufactured by Lignomat GmbH in Germany. It soon became very obvious, that the US market required different equipment than the European market. Lignomat USA began developing moisture meters and kiln controllers made specifically for the US market. Today, the company offers pin moisture meters and pinless moisture meters, moisture meters for concrete, lumber dry kiln controls and a variety of wireless monitoring devices for moisture and humidity conditions.

Сommitment to Quality and Service. The first pocket-size, low-cost moisture meter, the mini-Ligno was developed by German engineers in 1979. The mini-Ligno is still an all-time favorite with over 200 000 units sold. The mini-Lignos still use the same housing with the green cap. The electronic circuitry inside has been up-dated several times. The last up-date was completed just recently to increase accuracy when measuring the many different wood species and materials being used today. More calibration settings were added for the mini-Ligno DX/C to include Bamboo and some of the new engineered panels as well as a wider variety of domestic and tropical hardwoods. To increase versatility, sheetrock calibrations are included.

Why choose Lignomat? The value of any measuring and data-logging system depends on the accuracy of the measuring circuitry.

Lignomat’s expertise: Designing and manufacturing accurate, reliable and hi-quality measuring systems you can depend on. Every day - every time...

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