Since the company’s beginning eighty years ago, with the founding of Kano Laboratories, Kanomax has been the market leader in the development of fine measuring instruments including their fluid mechanics, environmental, aerosol, particles and customized system products.

Kanomax Group has delivered the best measurement solutions in its products and services that adapt precision measurement technology for fluids and particles. The company are contributing to technological innovation and quality improvement for the processes of quality management, environment management, and technology development in the areas of environment, health, and energy, which are essential to sustain human well-being, as well as in other industrial areas including:

In recent years, Kanomax have implemented a global growth strategy led by the unique and extremely dynamic management team located in Japan and the US, as a cornerstone of their mid-to long-term strategies. Based on their reliable technology and 60 years of accumulated knowledge and know-how, Kanomax is operating through a global network established through the collaboration between the top management and employees, aiming to achieve global leadership in a niche area where the company have great strength. The foundation for their sustainable growth is in the course of being established, with a view to an expanding area of precision measuring all over the world.

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