Since its foundation, Kanomax has been the market leader in the development of highly accurate measuring instruments. The list of its products includes airflow instruments & sensors, indoor air quality monitors, dust monitors, particle counters, fume hood testing tools, sound and vibration meters, automative testing and research instruments, etc.

Kanomax develops leading technologies with the goal of maintaining health and safety in a variety of industries, including:

In recent years, Kanomax has implemented a global growth strategy led by the unique and extremely dynamic management teams, located in Japan and the USA, as a cornerstone of its mid-to-long-term strategies. Based on innovative technologies, knowledge, and know-how, Kanomax is operating through a global network established through the collaboration between the top management and employees, aiming to achieve global leadership in a niche area where the company has great strength. The foundation of its sustainable growth is in the course of being established, with a view to an expanding area of precision measuring all over the world.

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