Fowler incorporated in 1946, has grown nationwide and across North America. Fowler is also available in Mexico. By exclusively distributing products manufactured by world leaders in measuring, Fowler has become a major force in the field of precision electronic tools. Each of company’s offices have demonstration centers to familiarize the customers with the products.

Now in the 68th year Fowler High Precision is globally recognized as one of today's leading suppliers of high quality inspection, leveling, control and calibration equipment. Since 1946, the company have been dedicated to supplying the most innovative products available anywhere in the world. Fowler’s long-standing affiliations with other industry leaders such as Wyler, Sylvac, Bowers and Trimos have helped the company remain dynamic, responsive and at the forefront of their industry’s ever-changing demands.

As North American manufacturers continue to produce products that are smaller, lighter, faster, more precise and just-in-time, Fowler continues to introduce important new tools designed to lead the way in inspection and measurement. Familiar items including calipers, micrometers, indicators, height gages and bore gages have been carefully redesigned with state-of-the-art electronics to ensure compatibility with the latest in computer integrated manufacturing and control.

Beyond great products Fowler is focused on people. Technical field-sales team, repair and service technicians and every Fowler associate is committed to the highest level of customer service and support. The company’s goal is to correctly process and ship each new order every day, no questions asked.

With a strong commitment to innovative products and smart customer-focused people the Fowler Company is well positioned for continued strong growth for the next 65 years.

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