Fowler High Precision is a world-leading supplier of high-quality inspection, leveling, control, and calibration equipment. Since the foundation in 1946, the company has been dedicated to supplying the most innovative products available anywhere in the world. Fowler’s long-standing affiliations with other industry leaders such as Wyler, Sylvac, Bowers, and Trimos have helped the company remain dynamic, responsive, and at the forefront of the industry’s ever-changing demands.

As North American manufacturers continue to design smaller, lighter, faster, more precise, and just-in-time products, Fowler introduces innovative tools designed to lead the way in inspection and measurement. The list of its products includes calipers, height and bore gages, micrometers, and indicators that have been carefully redesigned with state-of-the-art electronics to ensure compatibility with the latest innovations in computer integrated manufacturing and control.

With a smart, customer-focused team and a strong commitment to developing cutting-edge products, Fowler Company is well-positioned for further development.

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