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Fowler specializes in producing top-quality tools and equipment for accurate measurements. Fowler calipers are perfect if you are looking for accuracy and precision in one item. You can choose from vernier, dial or electronic calipers.

Vernier calipers are operated manually, you have to interpret the results from the scale. One of the benefits of these tools is that they are affordable. Fowler vernier calipers are manufactured from fully hardened stainless steel. The items feature a depth rod, four-way jaw, satin chrome finish, easy-to-read microfine graduations. The sliding surface is raised so the graduations are protected from defacement and wear.

Dial calipers are equipped with a dial indicator. They have a depth rod, four-way jaw hardened stainless steel rack, microfine graduations, knurled lock for precise settings and shockproof design to prevent dial backlash.

Electronic calipers are popular because they are easy to use. They usually have buttons on the readout. With these devices, you will get readings effortlessly. In case you need an electronic caliper, choose from a wide selection of items:

  • Internal & external caliper gages allow accurate measurements of internal/external dimensions. They have a large LCD and solid construction.
  • Water-resistant IP54 electronic calipers have an absolute ceramic scale.
  • EURO-CAL IV electronic calipers feature reads in inch, metric & fractions, water resistance to IP54 standards.
  • Xtra-Value Cal electronic calipers have a stainless steel frame and a large display.

Fowler electronic calipers feature direct inch/metric conversion and absolute/incremental measurements.

The company’s calipers come with a case so your tool is always protected from mechanical damage, moisture, and dust. Fowler calipers are portable, take them with you wherever you go! The items are manufactured in accordance with present-day standards and designed to meet specific customers’ requirements.

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