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For over 50 years, Adam Equipment has been providing professionals all over the globe with high-quality balances and scales. The company was founded in 1972 in the UK. Adam Equipment manufactures weighing solutions that offer its customers excellent performance.

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Adam Equipment

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As a business, Adam Equipment’s success can be attributed to the skills, dedication, and professionalism of the company's employees. Adam is always prepared to go the extra mile to meet every customer’s needs. This is evident in responsive customer service, which is one of the inherent features that bring customers back time and time again.

Adam Equipment solutions are used in the chemical, education, industrial manufacturing, food, health/fitness, animal/veterinary, and jewelry sectors, etc.

Working closely with sales and marketing professionals and distribution partners, Adam's R&D team strives to create best-in-class products. Adam Equipment develops all its products with users in mind. From the beginning to final production, Adam offers solutions that are easy to use and have smart, useful features to help you boost efficiency & productivity.

Pay attention to the CPWplus industrial scales. There are various configurations and sizes. These scales are perfect for different applications, for example, concrete testing in the field, warehouse tasks, and so on.

Here are some BENEFITS of the CPWplus scales:

  • Vivid backlit display - great for low-light conditions;

  • Grade 304 stainless steel pan & sealed keys - ideal to withstand harsh industrial environments, easy to maintain;

  • Portable weighing - thanks to the design & internal rechargeable battery, you can take your CPWplus scale wherever you need.

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