What do you need to know about a combustion analyzer?

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Today, there is a huge variety of devices that are needed for this or that purpose. Years ago, the appliances were too heavy to move around, moreover, they didn’t have many useful features that their modern counterparts can offer. Nowadays, the devices are handheld and portable. In addition, they do not weigh much. They all have various features and different prices.

What is a combustion analyzer?

A combustion analyzer will help you ensure safety and calculate the efficiency of boilers, heaters, etc. It is a great investment for both HVAC technicians and for those who want to have this device at home.

How does a combustion analyzer work?

Let’s move on to the working principle of these devices. They utilize various sensors that provide all the necessary information. It is important to use the device properly, otherwise, the results can be incorrect. The process includes the following steps:

  1. First, you have to insert the batteries and turn on the analyzer.
  2. Next, you have to input the area, time, and fuel code.
  3. The sensor will collect the data you need.
  4. When you insert the sampling probe into your heater, boiler, etc., the sensors start sensing data and then the device receives and processes it.
  5. After that, the data is decoded and displayed on the display.

Pay attention that these steps may be different, depending on your model. Prior to working with any device, please read the user’s guide.

How do you read a combustion analyzer?

The measurements are shown on the display of your device. Interpreting the information you get is as easy as ABC - you can compare it with the specifications that are provided by the manufacturer of the item you use.

Combustion analyzers for home use

They can be used for the detection of the amount of CO gas and oxygen level in the area around your house. They will help you identify such problems as low fuel pressure, backdrafting, damaged heat exchanger, and more.

Such appliances usually include several buttons for power on/off, device on/off navigation, as well as a home key, etc. The analyzer usually has a display, probes, batteries, and more.

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