Torque Meters

Torque Meters

Torque Meters are significant equipment in the professional industry wherever the torque is required to be measured.

Torque Meters are types of force measurement equipment and torque measurement tools for measuring torque force. These devices transform a torque measurement into an electrical signal that can be identified, transformed, and standardized. When the torque that is enforced to the sensors boosts, the electrical signal transforms proportionally.

There are two of the most common types of Torque Meters: rotary and reaction torque meters. To cut the long story short, reaction Torque Meters determine stationary torque that is static or non-rotational, and rotary Torque Meters measure rotational torque (dynamic torque).

Torque Meters may be handheld tools that are very convenient to use especially if you need to operate these tools on machines. Nevertheless, there are also tabletop Torque Meters that are ideal devices for use in laboratories.

We offer you a wide selection of Torque Meters that will provide the highest usability and high reading accuracy.

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