Top 5 Hand Tools To Be Ready For All Jul. 31, 2019

With the technological advance the world gets more and more devices for various purposes. The vast amount of hand tools for different tasks at professional facilities, manufactures or just household needs have given way to the automated utilities. But still, can you imagine a house, a backyard, a garage or even a professional’s box or tool carrier without a hand tool? It bears no relation to reality, even now, with the wealth of technologies provided by modern science. The reason for this is quite simple – some hand tools are so self-sufficient, that no one has invented anything that could be better. This issue was circumstantially addressed by Umberto Eco – an Italian novelist, literary critic, philosopher, semiotician, and university professor. He once said "The book is like the spoon, scissors, the hammer, the wheel. Once invented, it cannot be improved. You cannot make a spoon that is better than a spoon…". The same goes for some tools – once invented and never been better.

We can suppose that hand tools are a part of our life with full confidence – each of us has made use of a hand tool at least once in a lifetime. But when users come to a need to purchase certain tools for professional demands or just for DYI needs, they may face some questions during the process of choosing. What should the size be? What type of material is the best for this tool? What type of tool is the most efficient for one or another task? What basic tools are a must-have in a household?

First, let us see what are the main items that are frequently used at different worksites and homes:

Performing various tasks, they all can be of a great use during fixing, assembling or disassembling things. With the help of certain tools from the abovementioned list handymen sometimes even craft furniture, etc. Though each tool is really useful, not all of them are of vital importance.

Here is the TOP-5 list that is a must-have for everyone despite the professional qualification or the level of competence. Having these close at hand you are enabled to get through most of the challenges your household has in store for you.

What is that? This represents one of the simplest and most frequently utilized items for different purposes – both direct and indirect. It is a metal rod/shaft with a handle on one side and a special head form on the other – the tip.

How to choose? The main criterion of choice is the screwdriver’s tip type. The right choice of tip for certain application ensures the proper results. The commonly needed are slot head, Phillips head, and Allen wrench types, still there are less common ones – torx drive (resembles a star) and Robertson (a square). Also, keep in mind the materials – the shank is to be made from hardened alloy-steel and the tip should be hardened for longer service life.

What do I need it for? The given manually-operated device is intended to turn in or remove screws. It can be of a great use in many cases, such as fixing the loose chair legs or kitchen cabinet doors, assembling/disassembling and mounting of various furniture pieces.

The best variants to cover all the situations possible are screwdriver sets or screwdriver holders with sets of different bits. These will help you to operate with different types of screws. One of our top-sellers, the Greenlee 0153-14C possesses all the basic elements to tackle the everyday tasks, additionally, it is manufactured from durable materials and features a superior cost-efficiency.

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What is that? This kind of tools is also important in your basic toolbox. Usually, it stands for a tool with an oblong handle and a head/pounding surface. Some configurations also include a claw for additional applications, such as removal of certain objects.

How to choose? The choice usually depends on your needs. Pay a special attention to the construction of the item – the soft padded handle is a great advantage for it absorbs the shock during the use and adds to the overall convenience. The shaft is even more important, it can be made from metal, which is more conventional, or fiberglass, for extra durability and heavy-duty use.

What do I need it for? Hammers basically serve as a means for nail driving, but it’s not the only function of this tool. It helps to join certain parts together and to tackle the demolition In combination with other tools, it helps to assemble certain objects (furniture or equipment). Of course, we can’t avoid mentioning the most important usage – hanging the pictures on the walls!

For the tasks mentioned above users can get a simple specimen or a durable one for long and heavy-duty use. The Greenlee 0156-11 meets all basic demands and possesses a specially curved claw on its head, which makes its usage more versatile – it allows to remove the bent nails.

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What is that? This tool represents a double-ended handle with an open end and a special circumferential head with pins/tabs inside on the other one. There are also many wrenches with different end types that fit for various purposes, but most of them are aimed at tightening or loosening fasteners.

How to choose? It goes without saying – the main point here is the size. To choose the best wrench for a certain application, the user should first define the size of the bolt/nut. Then, the material is worth paying attention – chrome-vanadium alloy tool steel will do good.

What do I need it for? Being suitable for professional use and do-it-yourself needs, this tool primarily helps to tighten or loosen various fasteners, including bolts and nuts. It enhances the torque and allows you to get the job done with several turns in seconds.

Here goes the K Tool International KTI41164 – one of the best specimen on the market. It ensures the versatility of use, including the applications in areas with restricted access due to its offset box end.

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What is that? This hand tool consists of two metal levers (jaws) joined closer to their end and two handles. The main difference in design is usually manifested in the shape of the pliers’ "nose".

How to choose? The choice, naturally, depends on the user’s needs. So, having decided what are the pliers going to be used for, you should pay attention to its type – slip joint, diagonal, needle-nose/long-nose etc.

What do I need it for? The indispensable tool for a variety of tasks, including crimping, clamping and twisting. The main function is to grab and hold the objects firmly in order to complete the following tasks (nailing, for instance). Users can also bend the necessary elements (like wires/strands or thin nails) with the help of this tool.

The Aven 10307 will do a good job in all types of applications. The construction is thought-through in order to perform qualitatively and, along with that, to reduce the user’s fatigue.

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What is that? This asset represents a certain ribbon/metal strip with measuring markings on it. The modern and ubiquitous design of this measuring tool features a particular "box" with a coiled tape inside and a stop/retraction button.

How to choose? The choice of such tools is quite wide – the main points are the configuration (simple plastic, self-retracting, etc.), the length of the tape itself, and the material.

What do I need it for? Despite it is the last in the list, it is not the last in the list of must-haves in your toolbox! This simple utility is of extreme importance, though it is often used as an auxiliary element with the other tools or devices. It helps to measure the height, width, length… anything! And having the precise dimensions of a certain object is an important "brick" in the foundation of final results.

The modern tapes have lots of additional benefits that facilitate your performance. Our customer’s favorite, the Ideal 35-238 is a great product, which possesses the markings on both sides and the magnetic tip! With such an asset you are enabled to easily measure the needed objects without any hassle or additional help.

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Definitely, the must-have list may vary depending on the needs, budget or level of professional skills. Some people prefer to have toolkits with all the necessary items inside, some prefer the carriers/tool belts or tool chests with rollers that can be easily transported around the room/garage/workshop, etc. But the main aspect is to cover the basics and to purchase qualitative tools that will be a good investment. back to top

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