Testo 550 Award-Winning HVAC Product

Testo 550 Award-Winning HVAC Product

Dealer Design Awards 2015

The expertise engineering of Testo has once again been recognized by ACHR the NEWS.

The Testo 550 Digital Manifold with Bluetooth App has been chosen as the Dealer Design Awards Silver Award Winner. This prestigious award came less than one month after the Testo 510 Digital Manometer was chosen by the NEWS' Advisory Board as one of the most effective tools for HVAC technicians. The innovation of the Bluetooth / App integration was a key component of the award decision.

Taking the silver award in this category, the t550 digital manifold from Testo Inc. measures high- and low-side pressures and temperatures. According to the company, it simultaneously displays superheat/sub-cooling in real time, has 60 refrigerant profiles onboard, features a two-way valve block with three connections, and is large in size. The unit also includes a two-line readout display and includes a free app via Bluetooth for remote monitoring, data logging/plotting, and report generation & correspondence via email.

Award Winning Testo 550

The standard application of the product is for commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting of residential and commercial systems.

The product’s accompanying app grants remote monitoring to allow for multitasking. A data review option saves time for troubleshooting. Custom reports with a service company’s information and logo can be created and sent right from the job site.

According to company reps, the product was released in April 2015, after 10 years of development.

One of the contractor judges for the 2015 Dealer Design Awards had this to say about the digital manifold: “I like the fact that it comes with the clamp probes and hard case.”

Outstanding features of the Testo 0563 1550:

  • Two temperature clamp probes and service case
  • Bluetooth/App integration for monitoring, data logging, report generation, and sending reports and invoices with pictures via email
  • 60 onboard refrigerants
  • Superheat/sub-cooling
  • Leak test
  • Heat pump mode
  • Rugged housing with a 5-year warranty with the registration for reliable service

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