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Schonstedt is a leading manufacturer of top-quality Underground Magnetic Locators and Pipe & Cable Locators. To learn more about underground locating, you are welcome to review our Guide to Pipe and Cable Locating.

With the company’s magnetic locators, it is easy to locate iron pipes, steel enclosures, well casings, etc.

Principles of Magnetic Locating

Schonstedt magnetic locators operate on the principle of detecting the difference in the magnetic field present at 2 sensors spaced a fixed distance apart. In the absence of a buried object, the field at both sensors is the same. The presence of an object made of iron or steel results in a difference between the magnetic field at the top and the bottom sensors. That difference is called a gradient. The company’s locators indicate the detection of a gradient to the user by changing the pitch of an audio tone and, depending on the model, with a bar graph on a visual display.

Schonstedt Comparison Charts Logo Schonstedt GA-52CxGA-52Cx Schonstedt GA-72CdGA-72Cd Schonstedt GA-92XTIdGA-92XTd Schonstedt MAGGIEMAGGIE Schonstedt SpotSpot
Major Features - Most Popular
- Lower Cost
- Highest Accurac
- Most Rugged
- Most Popular for UXO and Demining Applications
Most Portable
- Comes with Holster
- Smallest
- Most Ergonomic
- Pistol-grip
- Visual Display
- Highest Accuracy
Lowest Cost
Highest Accuracy
Audio Output Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visual Output -- Yes Yes Yes --
Battery Indicator -- Yes Yes Yes --
Sensitivity Indicator -- Yes Yes Yes --
Sensitivity Controls 5 levels 4 levels Continuous Continuous Continuous
Headphone Compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes --

Locate buried gas lines, tracer wire, water lines, etc. with Schonstedt cable and pipe detectors.

Principles of Pipe and Cable Locating

There are 2 methods of pipe and cable locating: active and passive. In active locating, a transmitter is used to impose the circulation of an electric current on the pipe or cable, and the receiver is used to detect the field created by the current. Active locating requires an electrical circuit through which current can flow. How can you achieve this? There are 3 different types of connections (active modes) for it:

  1. direct (conductive) - produces the largest amount of current;
  2. inductive clamp - produces less current (a great option if you don’t have enough access to the pipe or cable);
  3. inductive - produces less current than 2 other modes (should be used when other modes are not practical).

With the direct method, the direct connection to the pipe or cable must be made. In order to get a good signal, you need to apply the proper frequency. If conditions are good (conductor, connector, and soil conditions), the current will travel farther at the lowest frequency with less leakage to adjacent structures. It is recommended to start with the lowest frequency possible and increase as needed.

The inductive clamp method requires you to apply a clamp around the pipe or cable. At least one end (the far end), but preferably both, must be well-grounded.

In the inductive method, an antenna generates a signal that induces a current on the current pipe or cable. It is recommended to walk 15 to 10 feet away from the antenna before attempting to locate with the receiver.

In passive locating, the receiver detects a field created by the current that’s already circulating on the cable. No transmitter is required. The cable must be energized with a network distribution electrical current at a frequency of 60Hz or 50Hz. Passive locating should be used when other methods are not possible.

Schonstedt Rex
Schonstedt Rex Lite
Rex Lite
Schonstedt XT-512N
512 Hz Yes Yes --
33 kHz Yes Yes* --
82 kHz Yes Yes* --
Sonde Mode:
512 Hz Yes Yes Yes
Passive modes:
50 or 60 Hz Yes Yes Yes
Passive Cathodic opt opt opt
Receiver 9V 9V 9V
Transmitter Recharge 10 AA N/A
Other Features:
Manual Depth Yes Yes Yes
Signal Strength Yes Yes Yes
Directional Arrows Yes Yes Yes
Good Circuit Yes -- --
Transmitter Power Auto/Manual Auto/Manual --
Clamp opt opt --
Inductive Yes Yes --
Auto & Manual Gain Yes Yes Yes

*Rex Lite has a choice of 33 kHz OR 82 kHz

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