Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses


Eye protection is crucial if you work in dangerous environments or if you use tools that can damage your eyes. The best solution is to have some kind of eye protection equipment to prevent injuries from debris, dust, etc.

What do safety glasses consist of?

A pair of safety glasses has several components (look at the scheme below).

A pair of safety glasses

Safety glasses may look like regular glasses but they have special impact-resistant & shatterproof lenses. They can be made of such materials as plastic, polycarbonate, glass, etc.

When choosing from different models, pay attention to lens marking that is a part of ANSI (or the American National Standards Institute).

  • Z87 is the basic standard, the eyewear should pass the ball drop test.
  • Z87+ denotes that your safety glasses meets a higher impact standard.

The frame of safety glasses is typically more lightweight than the frame of goggles, for example, however it should be durable enough to perform its function. Industrial safety glasses have metal and/or plastic frames.  Note that safety glasses can mount insert frames in order to mount prescription corrective lenses if necessary. It is especially useful for those who have suboptimal vision.

For the periphery protection, there are either side shields or the lenses can have a wraparound style. Side shields can be incorporated into the frames if necessary.

A top shield is added for a better protection.

The bridge of the safety glasses is located in the center, it may be cushioned for more comfort.

The temples are adjustable so you can select the length and ensure that your glasses fit properly.

Safety Glasses vs Safety Goggles

Safety Glasses vs Safety Goggles

There are various types of eye protection equipment and it is extremely important to select the right option for your application as your choice affects the effectiveness of your protection.

So, let’s figure out the difference between safety glasses and safety goggles.

Safety glasses are used in most cases if we are talking about impact protection. They fit you face thanks to their temples & nose pads (or a nose bridge). 

Safety glasses have a number of advantages:

  • A perfect option for long-term wear, which is convenient. When you are concentrated on the task you need to complete, distraction (like inconvenient personal protective equipment that doesn’t fit well) can be dangerous. 
  • They are easy to put & take off.
  • The ability to see objects better in environments where there are opaque fumes.

Safety goggles are great if you need an effective protection from chemical splashes, droplets, or mist. It is possible due to a special construction. 

They are held on the user’s face with the help of special elastic and/or adjustable straps.


Home use

A pair of safety glasses is a must-have at home. They will come in handy for small repairs, home projects, garden work, in the kitchen, etc. Such glasses will protect your eyes from sparks, sawdust, wood/metal flying bits, and other elements that can put your vision at risk.

safety glasses for home use


Safety glasses are ideal for industrial safety applications where impact and/or UV protection is necessary. Protective eyewear is a great protection from particles. In addition, in case you eyes are irritated, you may wipe your eyes. In this situation, if you have chemicals on your hands and if you don’t wear safety glasses, there may be irreversible consequences (for example, burns or even blindness).

Eye protection is a must in the following spheres: auto repair, construction, carpentry, mining, plumbing, welding, and so on.

glasses for work

Sport and other activities

No one will deny that sport is traumatic in this or that degree. There are various applications where using protective eyewear is unavoidable, for example, shooting, hunting, golf, and more. For these purposes, choose models with a high impact rating. In addition, an elastic band should be used to unite both temples. This way, you can be rest assured that your glasses are kept securely on your head.

glasses for sport

NB Safety glasses must fit well for effective protection, no matter what the application is. Your eyewear should cover the top of the eyebrow to the cheekbone & across from the nose to the bony area on the outside of your face & eyes.

Make sure that the frame is close to your face and supported by the nose bridge. When you wear safety glasses, you should be able to see clearly in any direction.

The task of employers and safety officers is to determine which type of safety glasses is the best for a particular job position/activity.

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