PPE Filters

Satefy Filters

Respirators are used to protect the wearer from inhaling hazardous fumes, vapors, gases, dusts, viruses, etc. Some respirators are disposable, others are reusable and have replaceable filters or cartridges. A filter is designed to remove solid/liquid aerosols from the air a person breathes in. There are filters for half-mask & full-face respirators. A cartridge is a container with a filter, sorbent, catalyst (or a combination of them) that removes specific contaminants from the air that is passed through the container. 

There are three types of filtration products. Particulate filters are intended to protect you from aerosols, for example, dust, fume, mist, bacteria, mold, and more. Gas/vapor cartridges filter gases & vapors. Note that they do not provide the protection from other contaminants. To filter the gas/vapor molecules, these cartridges use sorbent material. Usually, the sorbent is activated carbon. Combination cartridges/filters are designed to filter particles, as well as vapors & gases. It is necessary to replace the filter if it is damaged and/or full. Otherwise, you put your health (or even life) at risk.

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