Plumb Bobs

Plumb Bobs

What is a plumb bob? It is a weight (typically with a pointed tip on its bottom) that is suspended from a string. A plumb bob is used for vertical alignment. The tool is used as a plumb line (a vertical reference line). Plumb bobs are made of various materials, including brass, steel, etc.

The working principle of a plumb bob tool is simple. Once it is suspended, thanks to the laws of gravity, a vertical line is created. 

A plumb bob has been used for centuries, it was a must-have tool for ancient Egyptian architects when they were building their pyramids. Nowadays, it is also used for many different applications, for example, if you need to check if something is vertical, when transferring points from floor to ceiling, when hanging wallpaper, and so on. These tools are used in construction, surveying, and more.

How to use a plumb bob? Let’s say you need to make sure that the wall is vertical. Here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Mark a point a few inches away from the wall (you can do it on a block added to the top plate).
  2. Fix a nail there.
  3. Attach a string to the nail. The string should be at least as long as the height of your wall.
  4. The plumb bob should be suspended from the string. Adjust the string in case it’s too short/long.
  5. Let your plumb bob stop moving & mark the point directly below it.
  6. Measure the distance from the wall to the tip of the plumb bob. It should be exactly the same as the distance from the wall to the point you marked in step 1. Then the wall is plumb (straight vertically).

A good plumb bob that will provide accuracy should be balanced and symmetrical. As for the point, the finer, the better. A fine point will ensure excellent precision. When choosing a string line for your plumb bob, pay attention to nylon or polyethylene braided types. They are water- and rot-proof, in addition, they won’t stretch easily. 

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