Lovejoy Spiders

Nowadays, you can find hundreds of items on the market, but we recommend you to pay attention to a selection of Lovejoy spiders. The items are available in various materials, sizes, and types.

Features of the GS series spiders:

  • straight center of the spider tooth for higher stiffness;
  • chamfered spider legs for easy assembly;
  • raised spider dots on the legs for proper spacing of hubs and spider.

The CJ series spiders are available in 4 shore hardnesses:

  • 80 Shore A offers good dampening properties;
  • 92 Shore A is intended for general and hydraulic applications;
  • 95/98 Shore A is designed for high-torque requirements;
  • 64 Shore D is perfect for environments with high humidity.

L-type spiders are available with an open center (for close BE situations) or solid center (for general power transmission applications).

You can also choose from different materials of spiders. SOX/NBR offers a high level of flexibility and oil resistance. Urethane provides oil and chemical resistance. Hytrel is suitable for high-torque applications and high-temperature conditions. Bronze is a perfect option for low-speed high-torque applications.

Prior to buying a spider, it is recommended to pay attention to a number of application criteria, such as torque, vibration, shaft-to-shaft alignment, axial movement, etc. Please read product details for information on a specific model.

Lovejoy is globally recognized for its commitment to quality. All items are designed to ensure excellent performance. The products are competitively priced.

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