Lovejoy LC Type Jaw Couplings

Lovejoy LC Type Jaw Couplings

Lovejoy LC Type Jaw Couplings are basic L couplings that offer durability and dependability. These LC Type Couplings are considered maintenance-free as there is no lubrication needed. They are indeed excellent general-purpose industrial power transmission couplings.

LC Type couplings range in size from LC090 to LC225. Each coupling consists of 1 standard L Type hub, 1 LC Type hub, 1 standard snap wrap center, and 1 collar with screws. The radially removable insert is an elastomer with a snap wrap and a retaining collar. 3600 RPM is a maximum collar speed.

Lovejoy couplings are recognized for their versatility, reliability, and affordability. It is possible to use them in a wide temperature range. They withstand angular misalignment, have good torque to handle outer diameter, excellent speed characteristics, good chemical resistance (spider dependent),  as well as great dampening capability.

Couplings are oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease resistant. The hubs are available with and without keyways, bores come in a variety of sizes. Here, at Mega Depot, you can easily choose the product that suits your needs.

Note! All hubs are supplied with one set screw. Pay attention that coupling assembly should operate smoothly. Any sudden shock loads should be avoided. In addition, read and follow the installation instructions carefully!

Lovejoy LC Type Jaw Couplings comply with current standards and customers’ requirements. They are fail-safe, withstand harsh operating conditions, and do not allow the metal to metal contact.

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