Lovejoy L150

Lovejoy L150

Among the large number of coupling hubs that you are looking for on the market, the Lovejoy L Type is considered to be exceptionally durable and reliable. Hub torque and horsepower ratings assume a SOX(NBR) rubber spider is being used.

Lovejoy L150 provides extremely secure operation in light, medium, and heavy-duty electric motors, as well as in combustion energy transmission systems. It allows for angular and parallel shaft misalignment. At Mega Depot you can choose hubs with or without a keyway.

Heavy-duty materials are used in the production of L150. The hubs are made of either sintered iron (L035-L190) or cast iron (L225-L276). These couplings do not require lubrication and are resistant to oil, moisture, dirt, grease, and sand. 

The L Type coupling consists of two standard L Type hubs and one spider.

Fail-safe – will still perform if elastomer fails.

No metal to metal contact.

Spider Performance:

Nitrile Butadiene (Buna N) Rubber is a flexible elastomer material that is oil resistant, resembles natural rubber in resilience and elasticity and operates effectively in temperature range of -40° to 212° F (-40° to 100° C). Good resistance to oil. Standard elastomer. (Also applies to SXB Cushions).

The L Type Lovejoy Jaw coupling consists of two standard L Type hubs and one spider.

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