Sometimes, regular labels cannot be used. For example, if you work with chemicals, the labels must be additionally protected, otherwise, they will be damaged and as a consequence, unusable. In case you are in search of durable chemical-resistant labels, keep on reading!

LabTAG XyliTUFF™ labels are xylene and chemical ultra-resistant labels. They offer long-lasting resistance to a number of organic solvents, flux, oils, grease, etc. In addition, the items are waterproof and abrasion-resistant.

These labels can be used in various environments, retaining their adhesion. You can rest assured that XyliTUFF™ labels will serve you for a long time, withstanding rigorous day-to-day use.

XyliTUFF™ labels are designed to be used on flat surfaces. The labels with their printouts can be immersed in xylene for a long period of time. This series also offers resistance to standard gas sterilization with ethylene oxide.

In terms of compatibility, XyliTUFF™ labels can be used with the majority of thermal-transfer barcode printers. XyliTUFF™ labels are compatible with manual staining as well as automated slide processors and stainers.

The items can be used in laboratories and in various industrial settings. With  XyliTUFF™, it is easy to label microscope slides and more!

All LabTAG items comply with current standards and requirements. In addition, the labels are competitively priced. The items are available in different sizes.

Be effective with LabTAG!

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