LabTAG CryoSTUCK Jan. 24, 2020

If you are a laboratory technician, you know how important the quality of lab supplies is. MegaDepot offers excellent cryo labels by one of the leaders in the market.

LabTAG CryoSTUCK® labels are intended for frozen surfaces and designed for long-term use. With these labels, you can easily identify frozen cryovials, tubes, cardboard freezer boxes, polycarbonate cryo boxes, etc. The labels are durable, do not worry about losing the information.

You can both print and write on CryoSTUCK® labels. They are compatible with the majority of thermal-transfer barcode printers. To write on the labels, please use permanent markers. The data can include alphanumeric texts, barcodes, serial numbers and more. The information is easy-to-read and you can find the vial you need in a matter of seconds.

Use clear CryoSTUCK® labels to keep the contents of the tubes visible. If you want to conceal existing information, pay attention to Blackout CryoSTUCK® labels. They are perfect if you need to re-label frozen vials without removing existing labels.

It is recommended that these labels have an overlap of at least 0.25” so that they adhere properly to the surface. The labels can be used for long-term storage in:

  • liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen;
  • lab freezers;
  • dry ice, etc.

The labels are supplied in rolls, you can choose from various colors and sizes. All products meet present-day standards and requirements.

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