LabTAG Cryo-LazrTAG

There are many different tubes and containers in a laboratory. Organize them using LabTAG Cryo-LazrTAG labels. They are intended for laser printers.

The labels can be used for the identification of tubes, microtubes, cryovials, cryo-boxes, freezer boxes, cell culture plates, microplates, and more. The products can withstand long-term storage in liquid-phase and vapor-phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C), freezers (-80°C), and dry ice.

The labels are weather- and waterproof. You can use them every day, they are strong and durable. In addition, the labels are resistant to UV and Gamma irradiations, DMSO, standard ethylene oxide gas sterilization, continuous wiping, and more.

It is possible to write with LabTAG cryogenic markers on these labels. You can also print barcodes, serial numbers, etc. on them.

The labels are glove-friendly and do not leave behind any residual adhesive. The labels are supplied in sheet format. Сhoose from various colors and sizes of labels to suit your specific requirements.

The company is committed to quality. All labels comply with present-day standards. The products are competitively priced. LabTAG labels will help you keep all containers in order and know exactly the information about their contents. Be successful and effective with LabTAG!

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