Iwata 400

Resource Description

Iwata 400

Iwata 400 is a developed painting spray gun with basecoat technologies that are produced for boosted productivity in the solvent and waterborne basecoats working sphere.

The Anest Iwata 400 paint spray guns offer you skillful painting with advanced features of the equipment. This paint spray gun faces up several tough working events such as mottling, blotching, streaking, floating, etc.

The Anest Iwata 400 offers high performance with low air consumption and developed atomization. This equipment has a gravity-feed design that allows effortless cleanup and reduces material waste.

The Anest Iwata 400 has several types of nozzles that provide maximum performance for covering large spaces with a powerful stream of paint. Iwata 400 paint spray guns offer works for woodworking, furniture maintenance, metalwork, and even automotive industries.

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