How To Prune Away Your Costs: Easy Ways For Your Profit

The rapid growth of online shopping became a convenient way of buying things without losing much time. The main benefit still remains the same — this type of shopping is really cost-effective!

Mega Depot greatly appreciates your trust and tries to always offer you affordable products. It sometimes happens that our prices are lower than those stated in the MAP policy of particular manufacturers. In that case, you can add a product to cart and see the price in it or push the "See lower price" button (to learn more, see our Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy).

We offer two more ways to increase your savings through online shopping with us.

COUPONS. With this solution, you can cut down your expenses starting with the very first purchase at Mega Depot.

  • What’s that? Special coupons offer a certain price reduction on particular products or groups of products sold at Mega Depot. Each coupon code includes the sum that you save. You can copy and paste a coupon code in your shopping cart.
  • Where can I get it? You are welcome to get free coupons on social networks (our subscribers get exclusive ones), visit websites with coupon codes, scroll to the bottom of the page or simply contact us to get a coupon by request.
  • How do I use it? Let’s see how you can make use of a coupon. Here’s an example. Let’s say, you want to make the first purchase at Mega Depot. In such a case, you can use the "On Your First Purchase Of Any Product" coupon, copy the code below the coupon icon (here it is "LOVEMEGA"), enter it in the corresponding field in your cart, and pay less for your purchase.

PROMOTIONS. Another way to substantially reduce your expenditures is to take advantage of our special offers.

  • What’s that? Limited time offers are available on our website and allow for your economy shopping. Each deal is unique, has its own conditions that maximize your profit, and has a certain time limit.
  • Where can I get it? Many promo offers and Flash Sales are available on our website through the "Promotions" button at the top of the page. The left side of this page allows you to choose the offer type – a gift, a sale, coupons, or rebates.
  • How do I use it? You can choose from the suggested offers by clicking on their pictures. Please note that some offers are time-limited. Another important step is to fulfill the conditions stated in the offer under the picture. Say, buy a Magic Touch 2™ 4.0L Ice Bucket and get a gift — two PrepSafe™ racks for free! Usually, such an offer requires you to complete a form in order to redeem a gift.

Our main aim is your convenience and profit, so with each purchase, you get quality products, save more, and pay less!

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