How to Choose a Proper Handheld Label Maker?

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How to Choose a Proper Handheld Label Maker?

metallic paper labels

name tags/badges

labels of various types and styles and fonts

a label maker with a rechargeable battery

AC adapted label maker

This kind of tool can be used for a variety of needs and applications. Handheld Label Makers today are presented in a wide range of form factors (sizes and shapes) and features, satisfying all user needs, from basic to advanced. So, you have to decide which specifications of a given tool will correspond to your personal needs.

What to mind before decide:

  1. Size and portability. As a rule, smaller label printers have fewer features than bigger models, but they are more mobile and convenient to hold. Also, mind the size of a screen as well as a keyboard. It is clear but important that the bigger the screen you look on - the easier for you to see what you type; the bigger the keyboard - the fewer mistakes you make when you need to type much or fast.
  2. Label size and materials you are going to use. Label maker user’s needs can vary in the kind of paper they want/need to use and the width of labels they will print on. The materials to print on can range from non-glossy paper to magnetic or metallic. Label width preferences can range greatly: from 3.5 mm marks to wide name badges.
  3. The features needed. Will you need/want varied fonts or varied text styles and colors? You can pick a label maker with a wide range of printing abilities, such as symbols, borders, icons, and a long number of characters if these are your true needs. In other cases, it will make your work more complicated.

Power sources. Think about how often you plan to use your tool and travel from place to place (around the workplace). Answering this question will help you narrow down your choice in the power source of a label maker specification. If you are not going to use it much and need to be flexible, your optimal choice is a label maker with a rechargeable battery. In other cases - you will need a label maker with an AC adapter.

Some more specifications you might enjoy in your label printer

Preview. It is always an advantage and a pleasure to see on the screen of your label maker  the exact picture to be printed.

Memory. Lots of label makers have a build-in memory, where used labels or phrases are stored. That means that when you get back to work there will be no need in retyping them.

An automatic label cutter. A convenient function for those who has to print much or fast.