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A label printer is a device printing on self-adherent tag material or pasteboard. It can have an in-built keyboard or it can be linked to a computer. You can find devices different in format and size. There are compact, large format and portable label printers. Furthermore, the appliances are created to suit various substrates (e.g. paper, man-made polymers, etc). In addition, you can benefit from printing either in black-and-white or in color. These features allow you to find an instrument exactly for you.
Label printers serve numerous purposes: price stickers to packaging tags printing to industrial usage. Most printers are user-friendly and are easy to use. They will help you at the office or at home at your convenience.

However, often a great amount of data can confuse a customer. Before visiting a store decide what features of a printer are necessary. First of all, think of what goals you pursue. Second, think about all necessary features that should be in your printer. Make a list and save your time while shopping! Look through the goods on the market, then read the descriptions of the items. You want to print durable, excellent labels. Plus, according to modern requirements, a printer should work fast. Today there are numerous manufacturers offering a multitude of diverse versions of printers.

There are such printing methods as offset lithography, flexography, gravure, screen printing, and digital printing. The latter one includes various techniques. There are two widely used approaches in the industry: inkjet (the image is printed by means of tiny drops of ink propelling from the nozzles of print heads) and xerography (the image is created by applying a charge to a metal cylinder). Additionally, digital printing includes dye-sublimation, direct thermal and thermal transfer printing.The thermal method is proved to be highly productive. Here heat is used in the process. In DTP heat changes the color of the coating, when in TTP heat melts print off a ribbon and on the material.

MegaDepot® offers direct thermal and thermal transfer printers from Brady, Garvey, SATO America and other manufacturers.The items on our website support major label apps and meet modern requirements.

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