Printers are special devices that are used with computers. These gadgets can create physical copies of files stored on a PC. There are multiple classes of printing machines, and they differ in construction, printing method, and application. Mega Depot offers a great selection of printers from the best manufacturers.


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The rapid development of computers and related technologies in the late 20th century preconditioned the expansion and advancement of printing systems that are specially designed to work with computers. We can separate two classes of printers that may be utilized in almost any situation - inkjet and laser. The first one sprays liquid ink over the material to create a print. The second one has dried ink as its main printing component. It is charged by a laser, applied to the “base” and heated up to create a strong bond with the material and “solidify” the image. Such devices can produce high-quality text documents at a considerably higher speed and are usually utilized in respective spheres. We can also distinguish solid ink, dye-sublimation, and other classes of printers that can be grouped under the name of heat-transfer devices. They utilize temperature alterations to place and solidify the ink on the base.

We offer a range of inkjet and laser printers, as well as specialized label and card printers that use special ribbons as a printing component. Shop with Mega Depot!