Heavy-Duty Bolt Cutters

Heavy-duty bolt cutters

Heavy-duty bolt cutters are designed to cut bolts, chains, padlocks, etc. These tools are widely used in the construction industry. In addition, a bolt cutter is worth having in your toolkit for home use.

A bolt cutter has two long handles, short blades, and compound hinges for maximizing leverage as well as cutting force. The blades of high-quality heavy-duty bolt cutters are made of durable materials (for example, alloy steel). 

When choosing a bolt cutter, pay attention to its size. The longer the handles, the more leverage will be created, and, as a result, the more cutting force.

There are different types of cutting blades:

  • Center cut  - the blades are beveled on both sides & are equally distant from each other. Tools with this type of cutting blades are used for cutting through rods, thick cables, pipes, and more.

  • Angled cut - the cutter head is angled for easier insertion. Perfect for cutting off nails or bolts almost on the same level with the surface they are in.

  • Clipper cut - the angle blade runs to a flat side. Great for cutting off nails + making a clean cut through sheet metal.

  • Shear cut - the blades overlap and slide past each other. Suitable for cutting through wire cables.

  • End cut - the ends of the blades are flattened and turned in. Tools with this type of blades are perfect for hard-to-reach places.

types of cutting blades

For heavy-duty tasks, it is better to use the strongest bolt cutters so the job is done fast and efficiently. On Mega Depot, choose from the best heavy-duty bolt cutters. In addition, there are different sizes and models available.

Pay attention to some of the options.

Greenlee HD bolt cutters benefits:

  • trouble-free cutter alignment with cam bolt blade adjustment;
  • extended service life thanks to forged steel blades;
  • more strength with clevis-mounted blades;
  • max power with custom rubber grips.

Tools with fiberglass handles are easy to hold, they are lightweight and tough at the same time.

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Kraft Tool Company heavy-duty bolt cutters

HKP heavy-duty bolt cutters are:

  • perfect for general heavy-duty cutting of soft or hard metals;
  • equipped with rubber handles for more convenience and efficiency;
  • made in the USA.

Popular Products

MCC heavy-duty bolt cutters advantages:

  • extended service thanks to ideally aligned blades;
  • side adjustment (simple & ample adjustment range), reduction of physical stress;
  • reliability due to gear connection with strict proportional dimension;
  • convenience in any application thanks to heavy-duty vinyl grips.

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On our website, choose from the above-mentioned and many other heavy-duty bolt cutters. There are manual as well as battery-powered tools. Get the best solution for your application!

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