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Among the variety of modern-day layout and measuring devices, height gages occupy an important and widely popular position. These utilities offer precision and efficiency, unmatched by regular measuring tools such as rulers and calipers. Height gages are utilized to measure the height parameter of an object or a certain element of the object. Even though the name may be misleading – how can measuring only one parameter offer such versatility in determining all other parameters of the object – in real life, height gages are sophisticated and intricate devices capable of many things.

Original height gages had a Vernier scale to determine the height of an object, they had to be manually operated and adjusted (zeroed). The precision of these gages was impaired by human error, not a very common occurrence, but an important one nonetheless. More modern electronic gages eliminate the inconsistencies that may occur during the measurement process and offer the data readouts shown on an easy-to-read digital display instead of a scale.

Fowler is proud to present a line of digital height gages that offer unmatched performance at a great price. Fowler Hi_Cal are height gages that combine precision and efficiency in a very elegant way. Presented in three height variants – Fowler 54-931-150-0 (a 6” model), Fowler 54-931-300-0 (12”), and Fowler 54-931-450-0 (17.5”) – these devices are suited for any possible application. The advantages of this model start with a small footprint – there’s no problem with fitting a gage and a part on a small surface plate. Ergonomic design allows the operator to control and make all the required measurements with only one hand. The electronic measuring system is complemented by a motorized probe – all measurements can be taken with a push of a single button. Combined with an auto-adjust feature of a free-floating probe carriage, Fowler Hi_Cal gages are perfect for quick repeatable measurements, which in turn significantly speed up all other connected processes.

Mechanical excellence is not the only advantage Fowler Hi_Cal offer. Due to the advanced internal programming, these models can perform complicated measurements in a matter of seconds. Hi_Cal models offer a self-referencing feature that commences once you start up the device. Any of the devices can perform a wide range of measurements that include external diameters, centerlines, heights, widths, depths, surfaces, as well as minimum/maximum and delta values. Measuring with two reference points is also possible, which majorly simplifies determining multiple dimensioning parameters at once. With easy-to-navigate controls, a wide display, and the ability to program buttons for custom actions, these devices easily become some of the most versatile gages on the market. Devices feature an RS232 and a USB cable, so the data may be transferred and logged on a PC. The rechargeable battery lasts for 40h and can be charged while operating the device. This device ideally combines functionality and ergonomics, making it a universal gage that can be used both for metrology and quality control.

Fowler Hi_Cal – high performance at a low price!

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