Dwyer Mark II

Dwyer Mark II

Dwyer Mark II

Today's market offers a wide variety of manometers from different manufacturers of diverse models, types, and sizes. Mega Depot would like to draw your attention to the professional, reliable, and quality brand of Dwyer, a leading manufacturer of precision Manometers of Mark II Series.

Dwyer Mark II Molded Manometers, both stationary and portable, are exceptional in their economy and compactness. Many customers choose this series for its accurate readings and the variety of ranges it comes in. In addition, these devices have 3% accuracy for stationary and portable applications.

Dwyer takes a responsible approach to the manufacturing process, using only quality materials. Its smart design is as simple as possible:

  • housing made of everlasting molded white styrene-acrylonitrile;
  • indicating tube and liquid wells;
  • molded ABS plastic handles and zero adjustment piston;
  • impact-resistant glass level vial and hermetically sealed O-rings.

Dwyer prides itself on providing the best and the widest range of solutions to its customers. There is a choice of the inclined and inclined-vertical types of Mark II manometers. Model No. 25 and Model No. 40 have small differences:

  • With a curved inclined-vertical tube, Model 25 is extremely suitable for general-purpose operations. 
  • The Model 40 has an inclined gauge and is best for air velocity and air filter measurements. 

Moderate overpressure is compensated for by an overflow tank built into the Model 25. The overflow float traps in the Model 40 provide higher protection. Scales are printed in lithography on epoxy-coated aluminum. Both types of pressure gauges can measure pressure above and below atmospheric, and also measure differential pressure.

Mark II Manometers from Dwyer comply with current standards and customers’ requirements. When you choose Dwyer you automatically choose quality.

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