Dwyer Manometers

Dwyer Manometers

On our website, there is a wide range of Dwyer Manometers. Learn more about some of them:

Flex-Tube® U-Tube Manometers offer a combination of accuracy & durability. The manometers have a plastic construction, they are affordable and, at the same time, they are built to last. These manometers are designed to measure positive, negative, and differential pressures.

Flex-Tube® U-Tube manometers are suitable for pressures up to 100 psi for determining velocity and static pressures, leakage, fan and blower efficiency, filter resistance, as well as gas pressures.

424 Series Inclined/Vertical Manometers are intended for precision measurement of low differential pressures in laboratory applications. The manometers can be used with pitot tubes, they are perfect for flow measurement.

475 Series Mark III Digital Manometers. These are intrinsically safe handheld devices that measure positive, negative, or differential pressures of air & natural gases. With dual push pads on the front panel, you can control the on/off, auto zero, and pressure unit selection. The manometers offer ±0.5% of full scale accuracy. Applications include gas pressure monitoring on boilers as well as other combustion equipment, calibration of other instruments, etc.

477AV Series Digital Manometers. These devices measure pressure, flow, velocity and offer ±0.5% of full scale accuracy. There are adjustable zero & span values for easy calibration in the field. The damping feature allows compensation for the reading fluctuations. The manometers are ideal for air flow monitoring.

477B Series Handheld Digital Manometers. These are versatile devices that measure positive, negative, or differential pressures with ±0.10% of full scale accuracy. A backlit display allows using the manometer in low-light environments. In addition, you can store up to 40 readings. The manometers are great for the calibration of other pressure instruments as well as for measuring air velocity/air flow in commercial buildings.

Mark II Series Molded Manometers. The devices come in a variety of ranges, select the right model to meet your needs. The manometers offer ±3% of full scale accuracy. Applications include paint booths, air velocity measurement, and more.

Solid Plastic Portable Manometers. These instruments in inclined & vertical styles are used to measure static pressure, vacuum, or differential pressure. These manometers offer ±2% of full scale accuracy. A great option for ventilating, heating, refrigeration, and air filter systems.

Dwyer has years of experience in the manufacturing of top-quality manometers. All products are designed to meet customer expectations. Get Dwyer digital manometers and stationary models on Mega Depot!

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