Dwyer HVAC

Dwyer HVAC

Dwyer HVAC

Mega Depot offers a wide range of Dwyer HVAC solutions - portable multiparameter test equipment for HVAC balancing.

Series AQTIA Air Quality Test Instrument Kits - is a line of instruments capable of streamlining technician's every-day testing in various applications, such as building commissioning, building balancing, and HVAC equipment performance testing.

These air quality test instrument kits combine a durable Model UHH2 handheld base with various compatible probes and modules:

  • The AP2 Thermo-Anemometer Probe - accurately measures air velocity, airflow, and temperature. The Bluetooth technology provides ease of use while taking induct readings.
  • The RP2 Thermo-Hygrometer Probe - precisely measures relative humidity, temperature, dew point, and wet bulb temperatures. The Bluetooth technology provides intuitive use when balancing an HVAC system.
  • VP2 100 mm Vane Thermo-Anemometer Probe - makes accurate measurements of air velocity, airflow, humidity, and temperature. With a larger diameter, the rotating vane is able to measure velocity down to 50 fpm or 0.25 m/s, covering a larger area.
  • The WDPM Wireless Differential Pressure Module - provides precise measurements of differential pressure, air velocity, and volumetric flow. It has a simple, single-button operation for power and logging. The Bluetooth gateway allows for up to 10 probes for simultaneous readings.

These air quality kits were designed with the end-users in mind. They are all equipped with all the necessary instrumentation needed to test clean air applications. The Model UHH2 Universal Handheld Test Instrument allows technicians to read and record data up to 50 feet away using the Mobile Meter® Software Test Instrument Mobile App.

Dwyer is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of prime-quality HVAC Balancing Instruments. All Dwyer products undergo rigorous tests before the release. To that end, the manufacturer makes sure that its customers get high-quality devices that can be use for a long time.

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