Dwyer Digital Manometers

Dwyer Digital Manometers

Dwyer Digital Manometers are innovative, portable, and battery-operated devices that may be applied for different working operations.

Dwyer Digital Manometers are used for measuring positive, negative, and differential pressures of air and natural gasses. These digital measuring devices include a dual push pad on the front panel, thus allowing you to regulate several function selections such as on/off, auto-zero, and pressure units.

Dwyer Digital Manometers provide maximum precision of measurement. Digital Manometers can offer quality and precise calibration of other several tools and equipment. Manometers are ideal devices for measuring air velocity, and air circulation in commercial and manufacturing applications.

Dwyer Digital Manometers are leaders among digital measuring devices. These digital devices don’t require specific working conditions to provide maximum precision. That is why, if you are looking for a portable, handheld, accurate, and lightweight manometer, Dwyer Digital Manometer is an ideal selection for you.

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