Dixon Hose Clamps

Dixon Hose Clamps

Mega Depot offers an extensive range of Dixon hose clamps. These are hydraulic hose clamps that are made of high-quality plated iron, the material offers extra durability. There are products intended for 1 wire hydraulic hose and items designed for use on 1 or 2 wire hydraulic hoses. It is important to know that clamps for 1 or 2 wire hoses should not be used on 4 or 6 wire hydraulic hoses. When choosing a hydraulic hose clamp, please consider the hose OD. When using the clamps, please note that all the manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed. Otherwise, the product may not function properly.

You can also purchase Tygon® hose clamp adapters. The items are made of stainless steel. When choosing a product, please take into consideration the hose size and tube OD.

Clamp sections and hose barbs of clamp style hose couplings are made of steel and ductile iron. The materials are extra-strong so the products can be used in various applications.

The company’s forestry hose сlamp & spanner is another useful tool. It is intended for lightweight 1" and 1-1/2" hoses. Equipped with a convenient handle, the product is easy to use even in gloves.

Dixon Valve is a recognized leader in the manufacturing of high-quality hose clamps and more. All Dixon Valve products undergo various tests before selling. Thus, the manufacturer makes sure that customers get items they can use for a long time. Dixon hose clamps comply with demanding present-day standards.

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