Cooper-Atkins Thermometers

Cooper-Atkins Thermometers

Cooper-Atkins Thermometers are chosen by many customers around the globe. The company has years of expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality devices. 

On Mega Depot, you can get digital as well as analog thermometers by Cooper-Atkins.

- Solar panel thermometers operate using ambient light. There are models with batteries. An excellent choice if the space is limited.

- Infrared thermometers are designed for non-contact measuring of surface temperatures (ideal for hot or electrically energized objects).

- Environment thermometers include refrigerator/freezer & indoor/outdoor thermometers. They are versatile and used for various applications.

- Insertion thermometers are perfect if you need to determine food temperature.

There wall-/desk-mountable thermometers and portable models that you can carry in your pocket. They are easy to use and maintain.

Cooper-Atkins Thermometers are widely used in the following industries:

  • Foodservice

In order to prevent bacterial growth in foods, special thermometers should be used. For example, refrigerator/freezer thermometers will help you properly store raw products. With oven thermometers, you can easily determine if the temperature in the oven is consistent when baking. 

  • HVAC

To locate the source of potential hazards or defects, HVAC thermometers will definitely come in handy. They are designed to measure air, water, refrigerant temperatures and more.

Get accurate readings with Cooper-Atkins Thermometers!

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