CMT Router Bits

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If you are a woodworker, high-quality tools are essential. CMT router bits are a perfect option. Here’s why!

First, CMT is a trustworthy brand, it has rich experience in manufacturing tools. The company offers various products for different applications. Second, quality is a priority for CMT. The company uses top-quality materials in the process of manufacturing. Router bits are made of steel and carbide to offer extra-durability.

The process of CMT router bit manufacturing includes the following stages:

  • operators turn, mill and cut the router bits using CNC machines;
  • they heat forge the bits if they are large in diameter;
  • the bits are brazed;
  • the carbide of each bit is formulated depending on the application;
  • the router bits are grounded and sharpened on CNC machines.

The company offers router roundover bits, router V-grooving bits, router T-slot bits, router flooring bits, router pattern bits and many more. In addition, you can choose from the router bit sets: 1/2" 3-piece entry & interior door router bit set, 3-piece glass panel bit set, 1/2" router 3-pcs roundover bit set, adjustable shaker router bit set, etc. The benefits of using sets are obvious: you will get the most popular tools in one package, no need to search for the bits, they are organized and ready for work. Who can use CMT router bits? Anyone from beginners to experienced woodworkers.

CMT is committed to innovation. With years of expertise, the company uses new materials and methods of working. CMT uses only state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the highest level of product quality.

CMT cares about its customers, all products are made to serve you for a long time. In addition to that, they are competitively priced. CMT router bits meet present-day requirements.

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